Tori & Lewis

Tori & Lewis

Tori & Lewis Wedding

Tori and Lewis’ wedding was very emotional, full of joy, friendship, happiness, and love. I photographed every single detail of the groom getting ready who was so excited and a little bit nervous.

After that, I went to the Villa Italia Hotel where the beautiful bride, her kind mother, and the bridesmaids were getting ready. The atmosphere there was more relaxed. I took some photos and had to run to the church because the groom was about to arrive.

The ceremony and the rest of the wedding day were full of lovely moments that I had the opportunity to capture. It was a pleasure to shoot such an emotional wedding full of lots of love.

During the shooting, it was all about joy, beauty, laughter, love, and having fun during your wedding day. It was an amazing journey full of surprises, dreams, and fairy tales that came true.
I felt like we were old friends and many times during your celebration didn’t hesitate to order instant shots.

Don’t forget that I work for you but you also hired me to be an

Thank you Tori & Lewis!

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