The club Arc Montjïc Barcelona

The club Arc Montjïc Barcelona

I love Barcelona.

Barcelona is a wonderful city with its architecture and art history. I am proud to have lived there because I have been able to do very creative photo sessions, which have greatly enriched my work experience. I was lucky to meet Jordi Falqueras i Gonzales, who is the president of the club and who invited me to be his event photographer and take photos of the archery competition in the Montjïc park in Barcelona.

The Arc Montjïc Club is one of the oldest archery clubs in Catalonia and Spain. Officially founded on March 19, 1984, it is also one of the most accredited and well-known Clubs in Spain and Catalonia. Club dedicated exclusively to the sport of Archery, in all its modalities (Outdoor, Room, Field, and Forest). It is above all specialized in Open Air, having facilities in the Archery Range of the Moat of the Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona. The ARC MONTJUÏC Club carries out activities in fields as diverse as promotion, high competition, teaching, and research, also carrying out important social work.

In this publication, I would like you to present my photos of the event and thank Jordi.

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