Miss Progress International Costa Rica 2016 in Puglia, Italy

Miss Progress International Costa Rica 2016 in Puglia, Italy

I was fortunate to come across the young model Carolina Rodríguez Lizano in Rome in Italy who is a professional model from Costa Rica. She won the Miss Progress International Costa Rica 2016 in Puglia, Italy. In August 2009 the Cultural Association “IN PROGRESS” was born after numerous and significant work experiences made in the entertainment industry. They decided to combine their knowledge, driven by the common desire to use them to better promote Italian traditions, history, natural beauties, and artistic talents.

With their ideas, they have been involving many people, who are happy to share their know-how and the passion with which they do the job. Participation in numerous international events and a long, laborious search allowed them to meet and work together with great professionals who run their activities around the world.

The development of a new project that involved Colleagues from all five continents has become, then, a kind of “natural consequence” … Today Miss Progress International-Women for Progress is a solid reality and this is confirmed by the million pages on the web that talk about it. MISS PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide exclusive of the Associazione Culturale In Progress.

The way Carolina Rodríguez Lizano conducted herself during the shooting showed her to be a charming model with a professional attitude and behavior, therefore, it was not necessary to speak with her during the photo session I just took a few fast photos of her in front of the Coliseum in Roma and we finished.

Such a great experience!

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