Drone pilot & photographer
Based in Mallorca

About me

Hello, I’m Rali.

I got a master’s degree in Animation 2D from the “National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts” (NATFA) where I drew a few classic animated short movies.

In the academy, I took my first portrait photos in my life with my analog Canon A1 camera in the academy’s studio. It was very exciting.


Aerial photography

I offer the ability to take high-quality aerial shots from various angles.Aerial photography can provide a unique marketing tool, which might attract new clients. Aerial photographs allow you to show the large acreage of the property, which cannot be shown with a ground photograph.

Real Estate photography

It's a fact that in Real Estate, great pictures equals faster sales. As your photographer, my goal is to deliver premium products that will make a great first impression on your potential customers and help your business grow.

Events photography

For me, every event is a collection of unforgettable stories, exciting moments, and positive emotions, always unpredictable. I immortalize the essence of your event and provide a fine art digital life collections which you will want to look at over and over again.