Already engaged and you don’t know how to find the right wedding photographer?

Already engaged and you don’t know how to find the right wedding photographer?

Not every wedding photographer is “your photographer.”

Remember, you’re not looking for any one photographer the world over, you want to find the RIGHT photographer for you. An artist with that you can really connect effectively with his very best work. I’m writing this post for those who don’t know how to find the right photographer. 

Firstly, I want to start with a classic wedding mistake: your friend may come and offer you a great deal on your wedding photography on the cheap, but don’t think that wedding photography means just pressing a button. It’s much more than just showing up with a camera.
It’s all about offering a remarkable experience with images that make you feel. Because photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. I capture what it feels like, not just what it looks like, in a way that will make your heart go pitter-patter. If your friend shoots your wedding you can´t ask him to do all the stuff and he will mingle with guests and won’t really put as much effort into it… so you end up missing lots of photos that you could have had. This is why I always recommend that all couples take as many family pictures as necessary (and make a list of the groups they want). So this is what good photos are for, to help you remember those loved ones.

Another classic wedding mistake is asking for a big discount. Do you believe that a professional will put effort to work for free or a low-paid package? Before you start asking for a discount, think about how much you value photography. You’ll wear the dress once but have the photos forever.

The photographer is the most important person for your special day because, at the end of it, both the bride and groom will look back knowing you trusted a photographer to freeze your precious moments and preserve them for generations. So it’s recommended before booking a professional wedding photographer ask some personal questions like:

  • What education he has?
  • Does he/ she have an artistic background and degree?
  • Does he/ she have professional equipment? a full-frame camera and professional lenses?
  • Can he/ she invoice legally and do they pay all expenses as a freelancer?
  • Does he/ she seem interested in getting to know you?
  • These also open doors to further questions which refer to art. Look at his portfolio:
  • Do you like his style?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Does it look professional and artistic?
  • What will the photographer do to make your photos their best?
  • Does his work reflect consistent creativity?
  • Does he seem enthusiastic about the process of creating every single photograph?
  • Can you see his personality and enthusiasm reflected in his/ her work?
  • Ask about post-processing.

This infographic tells the rest of the story.

If he/ she satisfies you with his answers and can provide you beautiful images that will make you feel them, then….
you have found the right person, your wedding photographer!

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